Café Contigo

Hi everyone, it's me Kikita and I will be in-charge of posting today.  :-)

I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but here in Orange County there are not many Cuban restaurants or cafés.  Which means that if we want Cuban food we cook it.  If I want a cafécito, I have to make it . . . Starbuck's just doesn't understand about a good espresso.

And since people here don't know about coffee, how would they know about pastries?  Most of them have no idea what guava is, let alone a pastelito de guayaba.

The most authentic Cuban Bakery I know of in Southern California is Porto's Bakery in Glendale. It's over an hour drive from my house so I have to plan ahead if I'm going and I tend to want company for that kind of "viaje."

Being that I don't have many Cuban friends, I have a hard time recruiting people to make the drive with me "for an espresso."  The only time of year I know I'll be going for sure is just a few days before Noche Buena.

The rest of the year I have to make due with my home-made cafecitos and pastelitos, but my prima pointed out that everything tastes better when prepared by someone else . . .

Which leads me to some very exciting news!

There is a new cafe in Anaheim.  It hasn't been open that long and it's very close to my old neighborhood.


It's called "Café Contigo."  Is that a great name or what?  The important part is that it's a CUBAN café.  So you can ask for a "refugiado" and they don't look at you like you're crazy.



(See those pastelitos?  As it turns out, they are imported from Porto's in Glendale!!  Proof that God exists!)


Being that this new café is just a quick ride up the freeway, and just adorable inside, you can bet it will become one of my new favorite hang-outs . . .


So feel free to stop by and say hi to me, I would love to have a café contigo.  :-)