Cachucha? Yes, it's a pepper. (A winner)

Do you just love this print?? Yes, I do, too. I'm excited that one of you will be hanging this in your kitchen to match the one hanging in mine. =D


I inserted the number of entries into the True Random Number Generator at and it gave me a winner.

The winner of Michael Pancier's Peppers is:

Alicia Mencia said...

Hello Marta,

It's your Cuban friend Alicia from NJ. I have never entered any of your contest before but this time one word popped into my head when I read about the contest, CACHUCHA. Aji cachucha is a type of pepper that I've have never used but I know that it is used in many Cuban dishes.I just like the word cachuchca and it reminds me of my grandmother and her amazing cooking!
Peppers huh, well I use red or green ones in my sofrito, I make stuffed green peppers, and I like to eat red, green, or yellow raw ones as a snack.
I never use or eat any type of hot pepper but they are so colorful and I too love color.
Mr. Pancier's print is beautiful and whoever wins your contest will have the prettiest peppers ever!

Gracias :)


Congratulations, Alicia!

Send me an email that has HEY, MARTA! I WON STUFF ON YOUR BLOG in the subject line (so I don't accidentally delete it) and include your snail mail address and I will forward the info to Cigar Mike so he can send you your fabulous pepper print.

Thanks to all who participated and a huge thanks to the very lovely and talented Cigar Mike of Michael Pancier Photography. You, sir, are sassy and spicy. ;-)