But where can I get an "applause" sign?

P9238741We're back from our fabulous vacation and I'm just starting to get back into the groove of our regular life. 

I have to make lists to remind myself to do the things that I usually do without thinking.  Seriously.  I am so relaxed.

One of the novelties of being away from home is tv.  Let me explain.
In order to be able to watch tv in the valley where we live, you have to have cable and we have chosen NOT to.  Which is why Lucy and I had to travel over to Amy's to watch Gilmore Girls on Tuesday nights, but that's not important now.  I have a pretty addictive personality. It's better this way. Trust me.

Having said that, I found a wonderful and amazing thing on tv last week while on vacation - There is a FOOD NETWORK.  (Okay, so, really I knew that, but I don't get to ever watch it.)  ;-)

I was starting to really enjoy kicking it up a notch with Emeril and making a meal in 30-minutes with Rachael Ray ( is it just me, or does she kind of sound like a scary biker chick? who knew?? I had only ever seen her in PRINT! It was just a weird moment. . .) and biting my nails wondering who will be The Next Iron Chef ???

And then . . .
I came home.
And I admit I am feeling a little sad. 
So, I am back in my own little kitchen, and when I say little, I mean it's crowded with three of us in there at once. =(
And I am cooking for my usual army of people on my old-school, pedestrian stove. 
Pulling things out of my yawn-yawn-yawn Kenmore refrigerator. No state-of-the-art sub-zero for me.
I am chopping veggies on my 8x10 cutting board with my older-than-God knives. (sigh)
Poor Eric.
I start making complaining noises at him. 
"I need new knives." 
"I need a bigger kitchen." 
"I want an island." 
"I miss the food channel."

Without missing a beat, he says, "You just want your own studio audience."

Wow. Am I that transparent?  ;-)

That is why it's good I don't have tv.

Martas_kitchen_logo_1_copyBTW, I'm making Pulpeta over at Babalú today. And yes, I made it in my little, tiny, pedestrian kitchen.

But it ROCKS!! =D