It smells like a Cuban home

When I was growing up, I remember that each day I woke to a most distinctive blend of aromas.
I knew my dad was up and getting ready for work when the mingled scents of Vitalis, Bustelo, and H.Upmann Finos insinuated themselves into my dreams and yanked me out of my sound sleep.
To this day, the distinctive aroma of Cuban coffee gives me a sense of security. Seared into my subconscious, along with the smell of coladitos is the knowledge that my Dad was working and all was right with the world.

Odd, isn't it? I mean I know I'm talking about cheap after-shave, cigarettes and coffee. But it was Eu de Papi to me. My dad was not present much. He worked very hard to support our family and for that I'm grateful. But when he was present, so were the Bustelo and the H.Upmanns. Such was my life.

It occurred to me that my kids are growing up with a completely different view of what Dad and Security means to them.

And that it looks something like this:

Eric on laptop 

Their idea of dad going to work is the whirr of the laptop firing up. Which is why I make sure there's always some Bustelo brewing. There's a certain continuity there, don't you think?
I'd hate for them to miss out on the smell of freshly brewed espresso in the morning. Or maybe I'd hate for Eric to miss out... Or maybe it's just my own stuff.... It's all a blur now...

All I know is that the aroma of espresso in the morning means that Dad is working and all is right with the world. ;-)