Brunch. Cuban style.

P70365021I made a 4th of July Brunch yesterday.  Cuban style. Or, more aptly, Cuban-American style.

Think French Toast meets Little Havana meets Orange County. =D
It's basically French toast stuffed with guava and cream cheese.
How fun is that?

It's an original recipe I decided to call "Torrejas a lo Refugiado,"

"Torrejas" are a type of fried bread.
"Refugiado" is the Spanish word for "refugee."  It is also the name given to guava and cream cheese pastry - guava representing our Cuban culture and the cream cheese representing our adopted home.  It's a uniquely Cuban American invention.  I just took it up a notch. ;-)
My recipe is posted over at Babalú today.

My (Cuban) brother-in-law insists that torrejas are a world class hangover cure. 
I'm not sure about that, but I think I might need to add the following disclaimer...

WARNING: Could be habit forming. =D