Brace yourself, South Florida!

On May 20th, 1902, a small island in the Caribbean known as Cubadeclared her independence from Spain. La Republica de Cuba was officially born on the 20th of May. In fact, for years as I was growing up, I thought the celebrations were all about ME, but that's not important right now. (I know. It explains so much...)

20 de Mayo, is Cuba's Independence Day.

21 de Mayo is my birthday. =D

Cuba Nostalgia is scheduled every year around the 20th of May.

My Master Plan each year (when we can swing it) is to somehow get myself to Miami in May in time to celebrate Cuba's independence and my birthday.

This year I will be doing just that.

It turns out that the generous folks at General Mills happen to be launching a new website called Que Rica Vida and have invited a group of Latina bloggers to be a part of their launch. Yes, that includes me and Amy Kikita and our good friend (and partner in blog-crime), Carrie from TikiTiki Blog.

Here's the information about the event:

Thursday, May 20th. 6pm to 9pm

Hyatt Regency Downtown

400 S.E. 2nd Ave.

Miami, Florida

contact: or (305) 439-9489 if you'd like to attend.

Invitation for qrv event spanish (2) 

But, of course, because we're cool this way...we'll be in Miami through that entire weekend. (My Master Plan is unfolding quite nicely, don't you agree? Buahahaha! *rubs hands together*)

I'll be celebrating Cuban independence and my birthday. (Genius, right?) And even though we will be attending Cuba Nostalgia and hope to see some of you there, I was wondering if any of you Miami readers would like to meet us in a more intimate venue for some cafécito and a pastelito de guayaba (and of course, the ritual singing of Japi Bersdai!) somewhere in La Saguesera. Versailles maybe?

Please let us know. We'd love to have some face-to-face chisme time with you. Leave a comment if you're interested.

Muchos besos to you all.

Brace yourself, South Florida or as my mom would say...

"A viaje que viene agua!"