Blogging for breakfast

I never realized when I started blogging that there would be perks. 

But truly, blogging has opened up worlds that would not have been available to me if I had remained quietly anonymous in my little piece of the Bubble that we call The O.C.

I also get some requests from people who would not normally contact me otherwise.

For example, I just recently received an email from Catherine, the public relations person over at Univision asking me to pass along the following information:


I just wanted to share with you something that I'm sure your readers will love!

If you enter by March 20, 2009, five lucky winners and their companions will get to celebrate an early Mothers Day Brunch in Miami, Fl, this May, with Karla Martinez, co-host of Univision Networks popular morning show, Despierta America (Wake Up America).
Karla is also the new spokesperson for Que Rica Vida, which is sponsoring the sweepstakes, along with Bisquick.

Que Rica Vida translated into Spanish means, What a Good Life.

To enter go to the Que Rica Vida/Desayuna con Karla Martinez website.

To register by mail, simply print your name, address, zip code and daytime phone number on a 3x5 piece of paper by March 20, 2009 and send to:

Mothers Day Brunch with Karla Martinez Sweepstakes
P.O. Box 72970 MN 55572

To enter there is no purchase necessary.

So, there you have it.  This is me, spreading the Univision love to MBFCF readers.  I am happy to do it because I never would have even known about this sweepstakes myself if Catherine hadn't contacted me. (Thanks, Catherine!) So, please, go to the link and enter.

And in case you were wondering... yes, I totally entered the contest myself, because to me, the thought of a) getting to go to Miami and b) having this Hispanic TV Personality/Supermodel cook breakfast for me falls directly into the category of "Surreal-stuff-that-happens-because-I-blog."   =D

Buena Suerte!