"blog hijackery" (noun)

It's not fair.

Every week, I have to pound out grammatically correct essays with perfect sentence structure. I have to analyze the nuances of punctuation and the proper; way to use; a semi-colon.

(Oh yeah. This is Lucy. The other daughter. I'll come up with my own Cuban-sounding nickname another day.)

But my MOM gets to write about cooking and family and parties and scrapbooking and all the things that she loves.

Even AMY gets to hijack Mom's blog to write about her friends and her coffee and her family and Cuban stuff.

High school sucks.

I just feel left out.

Mom was busy with helping the other child Jonathan write a persuasive essay.

Amy was working.

Lucy had nothing to do. Lucy was supposed to be writing an essay on Career Choices.

Okay, quick note about the Career Choices thing...

As an assignment, I took a quiz which was supposed to match me with a career choice best-fitting my personality.

I checked the boxes, which included:

1) likes to travel
2) doesn't mind performing hands-on tasks
3) is good at following directions

Apparently, I would make an excellent:

 1) truck driver
 2) trash collector
 3) Army Private.

Are you kidding me?

Totally discouraged, I found myself moping at Mom's computer, waiting for her to return and comfort me. My future was looking very bleak.

Then I had a thought:

What would it take to hijack Mom's blog?

Let me tell you, it wasn't hard.

"Mom? What's your password for Typepad?"


So here I am, happily hijacking away, complaining about my careers (I'm ONLY fifteen) and ranting about the unfairness of it all (although it's really fun).


"Hey Mom? How do you put a picture in a post?"

Lucy & Mom

Honestly, I don't aspire to join the Army or drive a truck.

But see?? I AM good at following directions. ;-)

I wonder if Blog Hijackery is a promising career path...

(Marta here. I'm The Mother. And I approve this message. =D)