Birth of an Heirloom

There are things that I treasure, not because they have monetary value, but because they are special to me.

That's the way I decorate my home. I ask: Do I love it? Does it have meaning to me? If I waffle on the answer, it just doesn't make the cut.

I have a similar process with my jewelry. I confess that I own stuff that may not be "in style" but that I'm attached to for other reasons.

My friend, Pam (My BFF) sent me the most wonderful Christmas gift. It has great style and is already sentimental to me.

It's a dime. Yes. A dime.

Hammered and finished into the beautiful disk you see here. The date on it is 1955. The year I was born.

My face

Here is where the story gets good....

She also got them for my daughters and for my mom:

Luza & girls 

The years are Lucy (1993), Amy (1983), Luza (1914).

And this weekend we all happened to be wearing them. Cool, huh?

"Let's send pictures to Pam!" I suggested. To let her know we were all wearing them and thinking about her.

So I sent her a photo (via my iPhone) with a text saying: "Thinking of you."

She sent back the following:


"Me too!" (I think hers is from 1956.)

This is a perfect illustration of how heirlooms are born.

Thanks, Pam! We love you!