Becoming Mr. and Mrs.

I cry at weddings.  I know.  Total dork. 
And let me tell you, it was all about the tissues at this one.

This happy couple consists of Eric's beautiful cousin, Heather and her (oh so lucky! sniff, sniff) groom, Manny who were married on Saturday. 
So, here comes Heather walking down the aisle on her dad's arm and just about everyone made that I-can't-believe-she's-so-grown-up-and-wow!-is-she-a-knockout sound.  First the surprised gasps, and then the sniff-sniffing as her dad hands her over to the anxiously waiting groom. (at least two tissues for that moment.)
Then the new husband and wife lead the wedding party towards the reception in an amazing parade of classic cars. (isn't that just the cutest thing? sniff, sniff.)


Then it was time for the picture taking and doesn't Heather just look radiant in every single shot? How does she do it? (sigh, sniff) 
The newlyweds with the Darby clan.  Left to right: Adam, Amy, Jim & Michelle (Eric's sister & husband), their son Cody, Heather & Manny, Nancy & John (Eric's parents), Me & E, Lucy, and Jon.

Eric's amazing Aunt Rita (mother of the bride) is the total Mary Poppins of weddings because everything was "practically perfect in every way." =D  Seriously. The church, the flowers, the food, the music, the tables.  The incredible Candy Bar: where you could fill up goodie bags of your favorite candies as a take-home treat.  I just loved that!

My personal favorite moment - the Dancing Darbys:

There was this whole bittersweet tension to the day.  Lots of happy tears.  Lots of laughs.  Lots of seriously sweet and sentimental moments. (lots of tissues. sob, sniff, sniff)

It was a long (albeit wonderful) day for all of us.  But my feet!  My poor, sore, dancing-in-high-heels-all-night feet! (sob, sniff!)

What was Heather's secret?
How did she manage to keep her poise through it all?
Oh, yes . . . and waterproof mascara! ;-)