Because I (Kikita) am obedient.


After a long day of working at the Babalu Booth and making sure people were signing the petition to free the political prisoners in Cuba, I asked Mami where we were going to have "dinner." (is it really dinner if it's after 11:30pm?)

 “We’re going to Versailles Amy, are you ready?”

And because I’m just so obedient, “Ok, Mami, I’m ready to have my dinner at Versailles now!"

As we were getting ready to leave, someone said they expected to see pictures of us at Versailles, and I’m just so obedient that I made sure we took pictures.


Ok, I’ve been to Versailles enough times to know that I shouldn’t be surprised to find a line out the door late at night, but I still couldn’t believe it! There were huge groups of people showing up. Some of them I recognized from Cuba Nostalgia, but then there were little girls in Rumbera Costumes, and young couples dressed in evening wear, and older couples dressed in evening wear, and people eating alone and . . . and I was so tired and so silly that I couldn’t stop staring and I couldn’t stop laughing.



We ordered at pile of . . . I’m not really sure what we ordered, it was so loud that we couldn’t hear the waiter, so when it sounded like he was asking a question, we just nodded “Si.” Adam was daring enough to take the first bite of the fried something . . . “Oh, they’re just really thick French fries!”

Um, Adam . . . that’s not potato, that’s yuca. (My hermano is still kind of a “gringo”)



Despite Adam’s lack of Spanish, he was still able to order café and flan (I think it’s a Federal Mandate that if you’re visiting Versailles you have to order a cafecito y flan).



But he only ordered one flan . . . so the three of us had to share . . . and then there was only one big bite left . . . Adam and I went for it at the same time, so I was going to be nice and give it to him, and then we were going to fight over who should have the last bite. That’s when Mami swooped in, cut the bite in half, and (since she was still feeling nostalgic) literally spoon-fed me.



Being the obedient daughter that I am, I gave in to the choo-choo noises and really enjoyed that last, tasty bite of custardy perfection.  =D


Sometimes, it's good to be obedient.