Be it ever so humble . . .

P5264645I thought I was just a little weary from my trip. Perhaps jet-lagged. Or maybe just having caffeine withdrawals after the 12-cafecitos a day habit I developed in Miami.  That would explain why I had such low energy, and my joints were aching.

But now I"m coughing and the fever is hovering at around 102°. =(

I just got out of my bed (with the 400 thread count sheets) to post this.
Jonathan keeps my blanket warm by throwing it in the dryer. He's doing this just about every hour.
Eric is keeping me hydrated, making sure I am drinking enough water. Lucy keeps checking on me to make sure I am ok and bringing me toast and juice on a tray.

There is so, so much I want to do, and so much I want to write about, but it appears that I'm down for the count, probably for the weekend.

And while I started off feeling sorry for myself and trying to whine about it - "I'm so sick!" I am grateful to be in my own super-comfortable bed, in my own home surrounded by so much love and care.

See? I was trying to complain. But I really can't.