Barbie and the Nail Salon

I must apologize in advance for the following post. 

My brain is fried from all the recent creative output.  Proceed at your own discretion....


So, I'm sitting at my local nail salon getting my nails done (obviously) which requires me to sit still for a prolonged period of time listening to the sweet Vietnamese girls jabbering to one another, when suddenly my mind starts to wander and I notice this:


Barbicide?  Really??  What exactly IS THIS??

Hmm... I wonder if that's what it's called when a Barbie is murdered?  ;-)

Or is that what you call it when a Barbie decides to off herself because she was once a unique and trend-setting fashion model with a fabulous wardrobe in the 60's:

Solo in the spotlight  

and then she lost her way in the 70's thinking that maybe she could be an astronaut:

Barbie astronaut

and tried to choose too many career paths through the 80's and 90's such as Sea World Trainer (although don't you agree that she might look a lot like a chewy, pink and purple Scooby-snack to Shamu?)

Barbie shamu 

But now, poor thing, she's reduced to wearing skanky outfits (at her age, too!)

Barbie skanky clothes

Or maybe she's become severely depressed because even though Ken has been her boyfriend for over 40 years and is always up for a Beach Party and she's had the wedding dress for decades now, he just won't commit and come to think of it, does she really want to be with a guy who is comfortable wearing stuff like this??

Barbie & ken 

I know, sweetie, I feel your pain, but is Barbicide really the answer??  

(By the way, my nails look fabulous and yes, sometimes it's really fun to be me, but seriously, don't you agree that I should really take some time off soon?)  =D