All you need is LOVE

P9206410Back in September, Eric had to go to Las Vegas on a business trip for 4 days. 
Yes, I know. That was my first thought, too.Vegas and business in the same sentence is totally oxymoronic. ;-)

But they were putting him up at the Wynn, and I never say no to a chance to go to Vegas.  Which is how I wound up having to "amuse" myself for 4 days.

Of course, I rose to the occasion. I had my camera with me the whole time and I was having a great time prowling the Strip on my own, taking my sweet time seeing everything.

I went over to the Mirage to see the white tigers and I saw this through the skylight. It was like a tractor beam drawing me in.  (yes, I know that was a total geek reference there.)

I just followed the signs and the music and I found this world . . .

P9206396_copy P9206400_copy So, there are people lining up for tickets to The Beatles LOVE show and shopping for Beatles paraphernalia and all of them are speaking different languages.  German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese. WE couldn't carry on conversations, so we smiled and nodded and pointed a lot. But when the music began, we were all singing along - together.  Seriously. It was such an amazing transcendent moment. All barriers broken. We were just all Beatles fans. How cool is that?

Sadly, the show was dark that particular night, but I am already making plans to go back to see it. You can bet it will probably be this summer. My friend, Robin gave me the CD the other day (see it on the left there) and it such a beautiful mix. I have been playing it non-stop.  (Keeping my eyes on the prize. =D)

So yesterday, Lucy and I are in the car and she is gushing about how she loves the Beatles and how the song that is playing is totally meaningful to her. And I have another transcendent moment.

This is where I can find her most every night, powering on her novel.


Now the familiar song has different meaning. And I can't hear it without getting emotional.

I can't help but think about this music and how it feels like the very soundtrack of my life.

And here is my 13 year old making the same connection.

It seems so fitting. I might just have to take her with me.

So the next 2 minutes 21 seconds are dedicated to Lucy and her goal.

I am so damn proud! 

There. I said it. Happy now? =D