Surreality bites.

So we had a wonderful weekend in Mexico celebrating our anniversary.  I didn't have my camera with me, so all I had was my phone for picture taking, and I was so glad because, seriously, you wouldn't believe half of the stuff we saw.

Baja is like another planet.

With the exception of the Rosarito Bed and Breakfast - emphasis on the BREAKFAST - where we stayed, which was absolutely fabulous!
1 rosarito breakfast
When we weren't being spoiled rotten by our lovely hostess (thanks, Pam!), we were busy exploring Ensenada and enjoying the surrealism that is Baja California.

I know it's a foreign country, but come on! It's only 45 minutes south of the border...

but, I'm not kidding....

Surreal is the only word for it.

Those prices are in pesos, right?
1 menu
Is this supposed to be a carpool?
1 car pool
This pharmacy had everything you could possibly need including fine musical instruments, so you could get Tylenol, M&M's, cd's and an electric guitar all in one convenient shop.
1 pharmacy
We found two wonderful beaches. 

One we had all to ourselves:

1 beach
And the other was a locals-only beach. (which should have been our first clue that it was going to be An Experience, but that's not important right now...)

I was sitting contentedly reading my book when I was approached by this guy with a wheelbarrow full of sweets. I was sitting close to the shore, too.  So he had to push that wheelbarrow quite a long way hoping I'd be tempted by his wares. 

I was completely shocked into silence.  (I know!)

Really, dude? A wheelbarrow?? What is UP with that?

When I finally recovered from that surreal moment, I chased him down and gave him 50 cents just to let me take this picture...
1 rosarito fruit wheelbarrow
Umm..... excuse me, sir, but is that umm... JESUS on your back??

1 jesus 

I know.
If we hadn't taken the pictures, we wouldn't believe it ourselves.

Well, maybe there was one thing that was for real... ;-)

1 authentic cuban