Angels in the Outfield

I love baseball. Duh, I'm Cuban. Of course, I love baseball.
Correction. I love live baseball games. Eric says that's quirky. (I think he means it in a good way...)

So tonight we went to our first Angel game this season. Sadly, the Angels really stunk and the Colorado Rockies wiped the field with them 11-1, but that's not important right now.

So, baseball game quirks...

I love watching the live games, but I can't stand watching games on TV. Seriously. I'd rather stick a fork in my head than try to follow the action on a screen. I don't care how big that screen is.

I think I prefer the live games because we always have a blast. So we (Eric, the kids & I) try to get to at least a few games each year (and not just for the free cooler and hats, either).

We like to sit at the end of the first base line where we usually get a long foul ball sent in our general direction. Which was exactly what happened tonight. The big guy in the visor caught the ball and we cheered him as One of Our Own. I loved that.

Angels 1

There's also the vendors hawking their ice-cream and churros and peanuts and giant red we're-number-one hands and there's always one little kid who HAS TO HAVE IT and the parents always give in. I just love that.

Angels 2

I love when we do the wave. 

Angels 6
And tonight the wave traveled around the field 8 times - EIGHT! (Eric counted) How cool is that?
This made everyone in the entire stadium absolutely delirious. I think we were getting a little bored watching our team get trounced and this made for a great and noisy diversion.

Cannot even describe how cool this was.
Angels 5

Of course, we had to have hot dogs. I swear, I never even think of hot dogs in my real life, but the minute I walk into the stadium all I can think is Must. Have. Hot Dog. Totally Pavlovian, I know.

Angels 7

I love the 7th inning stretch when the guys in the straw hats throw out peanuts and crackerjacks while we sing at the top of our lungs. It just doesn't get any better than this!

Angels 9

And because our team is the Angels, we totally do the flapping-angel-wing move like from the movie Angels in the Outfield when the kid sees the real angels and he starts flapping and then everyone starts flapping and then the Angels start winning and well, I'm not really a big Tony Danza fan, but I really enjoyed him in that movie and okay, yes, I concede that this might be a tad quirky....

Angels 3

But the coolest part of going to Angel games for me?

We all get to wear RED.

Angels 11
Angels 10

And don't we all look just fabulous in RED??

I know. Shut up. =D