And the number one reason why I could never live in Miami...

Versailles sign
I admit it.
I have no willpower.
This place is open until all hours of the night.
And they serve Cuban food, people.
Fabulous Cuban food!
And pastries.
Amazing Cuban pastries!
And I have no willpower.
It's like the Cuban Mecca.
And I am a faithful pilgrim.
To go to Miami is to go to Versailles.
And seriously, if I lived in Miami, well....
you can imagine!
Cuban food!
At all hours!
I would certainly rise to that challenge.
Did I mention that I have no willpower?
I would find myself completely out of control.
So it's a very good thing that I don't live in Miami.
In fact, I was kind of relieved when we finally got to the airport last week to come home.
I could finally leave temptation behind me and breathe once again.

But when we arrived at the airport and to our departure gate, we found this:
Versailles at the airport
Right next to our DEPARTURE GATE!
I took it as a sign from God.
(Thank you, God!)
That's Kikita and Adam making their "please, Mom, PLEASE!!" faces.
And it worked. Not much arm-twisting needed. ;-)

  • Three Cuban sandwiches.
  • Three bags of mariquitas.
  • Three ice-cold Matervas.
  • Ummm.. FOUR pastelitos de guayaba. (por si... =D)

I know my limits. Don't judge me.