An Historical Day

According to my friend, Amy Arnaz, the day that her husband was born, the news of his birth knocked the inauguration of President Eisenhower off of the front page of all the newspapers across America.

Can you imagine?

Eisenhower 1953

That was on Monday, January 19, 1953.

This same baby who created such a stir on Inauguration Day, 1953, was also on the very first cover of TV Guide that same year.

Baby desi

I'm privileged and proud to call this Delightful Disruptor of History, my friend. 

Yes, Desi Arnaz Jr. (*sigh*) is celebrating a birthday today. And apparently, there's Cuban food on the menu. (*takes bow*)

Desi & me

Happy Birthday, my sweet Desi! (*sigh*) May you have many, many more!



P.S. I still owe you that arroz con pollo, but that's not important right now.

P.P.S. Miss Amy, here's the recipe for the black beans. Buen Provecho!

Please go visit my sweet friend, Miss Amy's blog. It's called Insights from the Magic Tutu. Don't be shy. Go wish Desi Arnaz Jr. a very happy birthday. But be sure to tell them Marta sent you! ;-)