My own Advent-ure

Feliz Navidad everyone!  It's me, Amy!


If you've been reading recently, you know that Mom has been keeping us busy.  We've been making all these memories TOGETHER.  There's the whole Advent calendar thing and it's been a blast. 

But . . .


"Put up personal trees.  Decorate rooms.  Play Christmas Music."

Personal trees?  Yay!  I LOVE it.

Here's how it all got started:

A few years ago, I was working ALL THE TIME and couldn't be present for most of the Advent-ures (pun totally intended!) happening before Christmas. 

So my amazing Mami found a way to make me feel included.

One particularly late night, I came home to find a little arbolito decorated with all the ornaments I'd been given since birth.  (Since birth!!)

Mom and Lucy had snuck into my house and set it up.  Those sneaks!

Anyway, every year since then, I get to decorate my mini-tree on my own.  And it's a really nice moment.  In between all the CHAOS that can come from being in this big, fat Cuban family (during Christmas no less.  Did I mention I also make a Christmas video every year?)  I get this one quiet moment.

My friends have even offered to come over and "help decorate" and I always say NO, because decorating my little tree is such a personal thing.

I like my tacita ornament that reminds me of my grandmother.

I like the "Baby's First Christmas. 1983."

I like the deck of cards ornament that reminds me of trips to Vegas with Mom.

I like the little mini-ball ornaments in jewel tones.

I like that it's so ME.

I like that it's so small.

And . . .


I like that it's so MINE.  ;-)

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