Amy Jean Jelly Bean

Amy_2082She looks angelic, doesn't she?
This is Amy in 1985.
She was 2 years old.

And I know she will totally hate this, but I still see her just like this sometimes.
Looking at her through the mom-lens.

Today she turns 24.

I used to just stare at her when she was sleeping and wonder what she would look like when she grew up.

I thought she was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen and I was convinced she would grow up to be a striking young woman.
And I was right.

An amazing dancer.
A wonderful daughter.
A valuable friend.
The funnest person I know to hang out with.

I know.
I'm supposed to say this stuff, because I'm her mother.
And I confess. I still have that mom-lens firmly in place.

But, seriously.
Can I help it if it's all TRUE?? =D

Pb238009Happy Birthday, Mimi.
Te adoro.