"Hey! Isn't that. . .?"

Amy and I were elected to go to the airport last week to pick up my Cuban uncle.
His flight was delayed for over an hour which left us with that much time to people watch (my very, very! favorite spectator sport, but that's not important right now) at John Wayne Airport.

I notice a familiar looking gentleman in the baggage claim area and start thinking out loud . . .
"I always see people that look familiar to me, then a week later I read People magazine and find out that, sure enough, Johnny Depp was indeed at Disneyland the day we were there. Does that ever happen to you?"

Amy is distracted now and hopefully looking around for Johnny Depp, so she wasn't really listening to me. . .

Me: "Hey! I think that's Mike Huckabee."

Amy: "Who?"

Me: "Mike Huckabee, governor of Arkansas, Presidential hopeful.."

Amy: "Sorry, Mom, no media. Don't know what Mike Huckabee looks like and first of all, what would he be doing here if he's not campaigning any more? And secondly, he would probably have lots of security around him and. . ."

I had already grabbed her arm and was dragging her behind me.

Amy: "Mo-omm!"

Me: "Governor Hukabee? Marta Darby, Registered Republican." I extended my hand and he laughed out loud.

He was charming and funny and absolutely delightful. (But then, so was I. =D)

He introduced his wife, Janet and I introduced Amy.


No, he wasn't free to come over for Cuban food because he had other plans for the weekend. (Yes, I asked. =D)

Maybe in about another four years . . .  ;-)