Always There

I sometimes wonder how he puts up with me, but he does. I think it makes him a little crazy when I stop in the middle of whatever we're doing and pull out my camera to take a picture. Right. Now.

It's a side-effect of blogging, I guess. A good one. I'm much more attuned to the narrative of our lives and therefore more inclined to document the moments that would otherwise be fleeting memories.

But my husband, Eric, likes to stay in the background. In fact, he's perfected the art of being a background character in our lives, photographically speaking.

He's gotten so good at this that we have officially named him Casual Photobomb Guy.

Notice where he is in each one of these photos:

Family portrait

Eric face left

Eric face Adam

Eric at restaurant

Family in line

Come to think of it, it's like a metaphor for his position towards us. He's always there for us. Always the guy in the background, taking care of his wife and kids. Never being in the limelight. Always just making sure we're okay.

And for this we desperately love and appreciate him. Today is Casual Photobomb Guy's birthday. Today we're going to make sure we put him right in the center of a white hot spotlight. And there will be cake!

Happy Birthday, Eric!