Right under my nose

Lucy_einstein065P5073655Albert hasn't budged in the past 5 years. His brick-face is still intact and just as amazing today as the first time we saw it guarding the Mindstorms exhibit in Legoland.

But, look at what has happened here.

That is Lucy in 2002 and again just the other day, 2007.
(It seems as if the first picture was "just the other day," too.)

There are thousands of regular Lego bricks used in the sculpture (someone has probably counted them). They are the same, regular, everyday kind that fill countless bins in my home.  Because I tend to see everything metaphorically, it's not lost on me that the simple and familiar can, with effort and tenacity, create something awe-inspiring and worthy of attention and reflection.  In fact, I'm betting my life on it.

I have been with her practically every moment of her life. And it still takes my breath away when I spend time with her and get a glimpse of the person she is becoming. I just can't believe that it is happening so quickly.

Right under my nose. =D

"Not everything that counts can be counted,
and not everything that can be counted counts."
~ Albert Einstein