Afro-Cuban after all . . .

I thought I knew my mom inside and out, but she is still able to surprise and amaze me. 

(Hi everyone, it's me, Amy)

Let me give you some background . . .

One of my very dear and very beautiful friends, Sheila (Not the blond. That's my other friend, Ashli, but that's not important right now), works for her mother's non-profit organization Outreach to Africa. 


Anyway, through Sheila I met Christian.


Ok, I know he can look . . . well . . . rather "hoodlum-esque," but don't judge the book just yet . . .

He's in a band.  The band, Milele (that's Swahili for "forever ") raises money for orphans with AIDS in Africa. 

Anyway, he and Sheila invited me (and anyone I wanted to bring) to "come listen to another group visiting from Africa."   Ummm . . . OF COURSE!  They didn't have to tell me all the wonderful things THAT group was doing because they knew I would go and see for myself.

And for some reason, I wanted Mom to come too.  Most of the time, I don't bring Mom to my multi-cultural nonsense, because it is usually just that . . . nonsense.  But here were two amazing people doing amazing things for their country, and I took a shot and invited Mom.

I didn't think she'd say yes.  But she did.  And I was in shock, but excited.

We got there early.  She met and charmed everyone the way she always does . . .

When the concert started they asked everyone to get up. Mom got up.
When they said march, she marched.
When they said stomp, she stomped.
Everything they had the audience do, she did. 


All I kept thinking was, "Who is this woman?"

I kept telling her, "Mom, I'm glad you came, but you don't have to dance around . . . it's ok."

It wasn't until afterwards when she said,"Yes I did!  YOU of all people should understand that when you hear that kind of music you can't sit still!"

Well, yeah, but . . . I didn't think SHE felt that way . . .

And she talked about how connected she felt with Africans, "because we Cubans have the same roots."

Well, yeah, but . . . I didn't think SHE felt that way . . .

She was so touched and so enthusiastic about the concert, she stopped and bought Milele's newest cd and even a keychain for Lucy. "We have to support them!"

Well, yeah, but . . . WOW.  I guess I don't know my Mom as well as I thought . . .

But I am happy to be able to share my inner Afro-Cuban with her . . .

The best moment though, was when she pretended to know Swahili and jumped right in speaking gibberish, "Angongo burda blonga!!"


And they said, "You are right.  Your daughter is a beautiful blond."   ;-)