Thanks again to everyone who stopped by to wish me a Happy Blogiversary yesterday.
I made my famous Arroz con Pollo to celebrate, because, as you know, I like ANY excuse to cook Cuban food. =D
I'm still in awe and a bit humbled and just "coming to" from the celebratory sugar-coma hangover.
So, I woke up still smiling from all the kind and happy thoughts sent my way, and then . . .
I got a package from Miami! (Yay!)
Could the day possibly get any better??

Umm. . . YES!

Pa029047_3The title of this cookbook was so affirming, I just sat and held it lovingly for a while basking in the love.  (This is technically the book I wish I had written, and doesn't that kind of look like me on the cover?? but that's not important right now. )

I decided that Ana is the Nitza of the New Millenium, except she's not a commie and she has much better cheekbones. =D

And she loved my guava and cream cheese torrejas so much that she asked if she could maybe include the recipe in her next book. 


Time to get the sandpaper! (pa' darme lija.)

I swear I'm going to put this on a post-it on my bathroom mirror and say it to myself daily in an affirming way:

"Cuban Chicks Can Cook."

(Thanks, Ana!  I'm feeling more affirmed in my Cuban-ness already. =D)