Accidents will happen. . .

Cake_2I've been blogging about Cuban food over at Babalú for a whole year now.
That's a lot of Cuban Food.
That's a lot of cooking.
That's a lot of pictures.
So I made a Panetela Borracha to celebrate.
It's basically homemade pound cake soaked in a sugar/rum syrup.
I'm talking SOAKED.
And I had a bit of rum left over.
So I grabbed a Coca-Cola and a squeeze of lime and poured myself a "Cuba Libre."
Between the Coke and the toasting to Cuban liberty ("Que viva Cuba libre!") and the "drunken cake, " I'm not fit to be doing much of anything, especially blogging.
Okay, so because I'm not in the habit of drinking any alcohol, I accidentally got a little tipsy. (blush, blush)

I'm reminded of the time when I was in high school and I came home to find my mom horizontal on the couch holding her head. 
Me: "What happened?"
My mom: "I was cleaning out the refrigerator."
Me: "How does that explain why you're laying here?"
My mom: "There was 1/2 a bottle of rum that had been there since I last made the panetela borracha and I didn't want to pour it out, but I had to get rid of it."
Me: "So. . . let me get this straight, instead of pouring it down the drain, you poured it down your throat?"
My mom: "Well, yes . . . but I made sure to toast to a free Cuba."
Me: "Well, then, that makes it OK."

I'm just going to go lay down on the couch before I hurt myself. . . oh, wait. . . oops! ;-)