Abre que voy!

I'm having one of those accidentally cool things happening that happens to me occasionally because I live in a fun bloggy world.

I am traveling to Miami for Blogalicious Weekend 2010. Celebrating Diversity in Social Media. (The words celebrating and social seem like they describe me perfectly. Am I right?)

My trip is being sponsored in full by the lovely folks at General Mills and Que Rica Vida. (This is the 2nd time they send me to Miami and I'm really loving them for it.Thanks GM & QRV!)

I have some fun stuff that I get to do and there will be conferency things and events and dinners and even a parranda. (<--Puerto Rican speak for party!)

But for now, just know that I'll be spending the weekend hanging with some of my favorite blog friends and hopefully making some new connections. And of course, there will be the mandatory pilgrimage with my Cuban peeps to The Palacio de Los Jugos in Little Havana.

I'm looking forward to the Parranda Party (also sponsored by Que Rica Vida <-- Do you see why I love these people?).


I get to wear my new parranda shoes (with a comfort sole in preparation for dancing all night).


I have great intentions of blogging from Miami. (I know about the road to hell being paved with those, but that's not important right now.)

Here's the recap of why I'm feeling sooo accidentally cool:

  • I get to go to one of my favorite cities.
  • I get to hang with some of my favorite people.
  • I get to eat Cuban food.
  • I get to wear my new parranda shoes. (<--I think everyone should start calling their party shoes parranda shoes from now on.)
  • I get to share it with you via my new iPad. (I know Shut up.)


Now, if I God would just answer my prayer and I could run into Andy Garcia somewhere on Calle Ocho, my life would be complete. *sigh*


(A big thank you to General Mills & Que Rica Vida for making me feel sooo accidentally cool.) =D

"Abre que voy. Cuida'o con los cayos!"