Ab Fab

I've been helping my friend, Tamera (she of the Amazing Good Taste and Style) put together a blog. (I am super excited about this project, as I believe she is the Embodiment of Fabulousness and can't wait for her to share her amazingly creative lifestyle with the blogosphere, but that's not important right now.)

Well, technically, we're still in the embryonic planning stages, ("Baby steps, Darling!) and it may take a while to get it live, which is fine with me because that means that I get to spend a few hours each week with my Fabulous Friend, in her Fabulous House, being treated to her Fabulous Hospitality.

Tamera is not only Personally Fabulous, but she's amazing when it comes to doing research.

Look what was waiting for me today:

Mail Attachment

Bustelo has never known such Absolute Fabulousness!

Thanks, Tamera. This project is seriously MY pleasure. =D