A Wonderful Christmastime

One week til Christmas and this right here is the very best part of it all for me: The preparations. The houseful of busy Christmas preparations. 
The crossing stuff off lists.  The anticipation of the happy and surprised looks.   Christmas music playing and busy people in the house.
The girls call out for us to look at a particular clip they're working on.
We call them into the kitchen to taste the batch with the dark rum.
Adam is making Creme de Vie for everyone we know -  my job is tagging and bottle decorating, which suits me just fine right now. The cookies were labored over earlier by Lucy and Jonathan and their cousin, Cody, at Grandma's House.

Lucy is a goddess when it comes to wrapping. Red & gold paper. Red and golden bows.
We're all kind of working on our own contribution to Christmas, separate, yet together.

And then. . . that bouncy Paul McCartney Christmas song comes on and Adam yells out something about the Bunny Hop and the next thing we know we're all bouncing around the living room.  Bunny Hop.  You know.  Step twice to the right.  Step twice to the left.  Jump forward, then backward. Then Hop, Hop, Hop.  In a kind of conga-line formation.  We were just doubled over with laughter and could barely breathe, but just kept right on bunny hopping in our formation and I didn't want to interrupt the Bunny Hopping to take pictures.  You'll just have to trust me on this. 

It was the most perfect Christmas moment.   And it wasn't staged or choreographed.  But it was like a really great scene out of a really great Christmas movie. 

I love it when life just happens.  I am so damn lucky. ;-)

We used that song for one of our videos a few years ago.  It shows Christmas through the years. Please enjoy. (kudos to my Amazing Amy, once again.)