We landed in Norfolk, Virginia yesterday around 5 pm and hit the ground running with the first of many historical tours. After an entire day flying from left to right (=D) and a quick dinner we took an evening tour (by lantern and candlelight. Wow! Just wow.) of Colonial Williamsburg. We went back today for another handful of tours and I completely fell in love. I'm talking about seriously-can't-get-enough-of-you kind of love.... Aah, Williamsburg. (If you've ever been there then you know what I'm talking about.) So we're fighting jet-lag and we're so exhausted and I can barely string words together to make myself understood, let alone write anything vaguely descriptive to do justice to the place. I complained about this to my (poor jet-lagged and fussy) husband to which he replied in suggestion: "Just choose one descriptive word then." Okay... Amazing. Simply A-MAZE-ing. =Ddownsized_0508091303.jpg

Lucy and Jonathan (ahem . . .) memorizing the maze behind the Governor's Mansion. =D