A lesson in Male vs. Female problem solving

We have had some seriously schizophrenic weather here in the O.C. in the past week.

First there was a string of really ridiculously surface-of-the-sun type hot days in the 100+ range.

Then, poof! The hot weather disappeared and there was a thunder-lightning-downpour with a nice cool breeze. 

All that to say that when the weather changes in these crazy ways, we usually get ants in the house. Which I hate. (I usually spray them with Windex, which kills them and then I can just wipe the counters down and that doesn't seem as toxic as ant spray, but they seem to keep coming back for a while, but that's not important right now.)

So, I've been spraying and cleaning and moving food away from the pantry and onto the kitchen table because I figure that's more of a challenge to the ant colony.

I've been checking the kitchen every few hours, making sure every dish was clean and that there was no sign of food anywhere on the counters (which is a challenge because I'm a super messy cook, but that's not important right now, either).

The ants would return and I would spray and clean and so it went. 

Eric, however, is not as patient as I am, so when I said, "I think they're coming from behind that outlet," he took matters into his own hands.

Duct tape

My hero. *sigh* 

What do you do when (if?) you get ants? Tell me.