It's a beautiful morning

I sometimes feel like I do a lot.
(and I do, but that's not important right now.)

I set out the other day to document a regular school/work day around here.  (okay, I'm not going to give you all the graphic and gory details. Just the broad strokes.)

Here's how it usually goes....

Every Morning
by Marta

  • I get up. (Okay, so it's more like "I come to," but that's not important right now, either. =D)
  • Make our bed. (I always make the bed because Eric gets up a few hours earlier than I do. It's a small price to pay for those extra hours of sleep.)
  • I make coffee. (I could totally do this the night before if I was disciplined enough. But I'm not. Seriously. My coffee maker has a timer. I am just that lazy....)
  • While the coffee is brewing and because I am still not awake enough to speak, I go outside and deadhead the roses, weed, clear leaves and generally putter around and admire my garden. This puts me in a great mood, but does not yet give me speech capability. ;-)

Day deadheading

  • I cut some fresh flowers to put in vases around the house which totally makes me happy.

Day bouquet

  • I go inside and pour myself a cup of coffee. I am currently enjoying Peet's Major Dickason's Blend. (I know you're thinking to yourself, "but you're Cuban! Where's your espresso?" or maybe you weren't.... I can't drink espresso in the morning. My stomach is not yet awake enough... Although I do drink my coffee black if that counts for anything.)

Day coffee

  • I make some whole grain toast. Milton's is my whole grain of choice. With Margie's Guava Fruit Spread (what else?) =D

Day guava

  • I am usually reading a book (or five!) and do so with breakfast. At this point of the day - before my coffee - I can read in English. I just can't speak it yet. My family knows not to even attempt conversation. (NOTE: Reading the Harry Potter Series again. I'm in Book 4 - Goblet of Fire. Really enjoying it. Looking forward to the Half-Blood Prince.)

Day toast & book 

  • By now, the kids have done their own chores and have started on their schooling for the day. (I really don't have much to do with them as they are both pretty independent learners now. I just wave my scepter around and like the Queen of Hearts sing, "Heads will roll!") =D

Day jon

  • Lucy wears her headphones to listen to her music while she works (and probably to shut out the noisiness of the rest of us. I like to call this one: Geeky-Retro-Nerdy-Girl.)

Day lucy 

  • I then log on and check my favorite blogs, work on my photo projects or my own online classes. If I have video or design work this is when I do it. I log in to Yahoo and chat with my first-born at this time, too.

Day computer

It's right around this time each day that I marvel at how extraordinarily ordinary my life is right now even though I really do lead a charmed life. 

And this is all before lunchtime, at which point my brain becomes bilingual again!  =D

What do you routinely do each morning? I want to know. I do.