99 Red Balloons

My mom, Luza, celebrated her 99th birthday in February. You may recall that she asked if she could have balloons at her party.

How fabulous would it be if we could get 99 RED Balloons for the party? (Inspired by the 80's song of the same name, but that's not important right now.)

I took it up just a notch and asked everyone to please wear RED. And to bring her a RED gift. (Did I mention that my mom loves themes?)

So we had the party and I was struck with just how delighted Luza was with her 99 RED Balloons. Actually, everyone was struck with how fantastic they were.

When I originally went to order them, the guy at the party store asked if I didn't want 100. "No, thank you. There must be exactly 99." I know that my mom is a little OCD and that she would count. (She did.)

Here's Luza in all her 99 RED Balloon Glory:

Luza 99

What a fun and fitting way to celebrate her 99 years of life and the joy she's given all of us.

I'll never, ever forget the look on her face when she was surrounded by so much RED and so much love.


It was indeed...Priceless.