93 bottles of beer on the wall...

P2231448_1You would think that a birthday celebration for a 93 year old would be a little tame.
Not when my mom is involved.

Lots of food.  Lots of people.
A regular cake?
Not for Luz .... "panetela borracha" - translates to "drunken cake." (the key is to make it with sweet vermouth instead of rum - gives it just the right flavor, but VERY sweet.)

Surrounded by a large portion of her grandchildren and 4 out of 5 daughters, she was completely delighted by the whole thing. As is usual at these family events, every age segment was represented, starting with toddlers all the way up to the her.

Then it was time for The Card Game.

P2231467_1P2231510My friend, Pam sent her some playing cards with her face on them - such a cool gift.  She won the first 3 rounds, but Amy ended up skunking all of us.  (we got a P2231542P2231609 little superstitious about holding her face upside down...LOL)

We all love this familiar scene. LOVE it.
And we're already looking forward to 94.  ;-)