9/11 - Remembering

Eleven years ago today, the 11th of September, I remember awakening to the news that a plane had hit one of the World Trade Center Towers. So odd and random. It was before 6 am here in Southern California and had to take my son, Adam to school. By the time I returned home, a second plane had crashed into the second tower and the real horror of what was happening on the East Coast was just starting to unfold.

Without tv, I was riveted to my computer screen. I'll never forget where I was or how I felt on that day.

I've written about 9/11 and the ensuing weeks here.


My daughter, Amy shares her thoughts and a video from our visit to NYC two weeks after the attacks here.

My dad used to say that what made America great was "De todo un poco." I share a little about coming to America and my recipe for Arroz Imperial in Remembrance.

Cuban girls

I remember the day we visited the site of the attacks in May of 2009 and we finally told Jonathan and Lucy what had happened on that day in American history. I'll certainly never forget that moment.

Jon at WTC

On September 11, 2001, a beautiful young lady named Adele Sessa died in the terrorist attacks. Here is her story.

Adele sessa

September 11, 2011, the day brings back images that will forever be burned in our collective American conscience. Ten years have passed.  That story here.

Ladder co 10

Every year on this date, I revisit the images, the feelings, the helplessness, the pain. No, I will never, ever forget.

God Bless the USA.