90 Mile Marker Giveaway - A Winner

I know I can be pretty irreverent sometimes. Another Cuban recently called me out, saying that I obviously like the "jodienda.*"

*To mess with people. From the root word, "joder," which means to joke about something. However, I should warn you that even though it's accurate, it's not really a word you want to trot out to impress someone's Cuban grandmother with, but that's not important right now.

So I enjoy taking my little 90 Mile Marker when I travel and I like to photograph it in various random places because it's kind of kitschy and fun. And I crack myself up.

I'd like to mention right here that when this little baby is in your purse along with your phone charger cord, it presents a challenge for the TSA, and you may or may not have to do some fast talking to get out of airport jail, but that's a story for another day.

90 miles in denver

Having said that, I have to also say, that I love what it represents. I love that it reminds me of how near and yet how far my family has come. And that makes me smile.

When I started reading each and every comment, I was a bit overwhelmed. I wish I could send one to each one of you who took the time to tell a little bit of their "Coming to America" story. I encourage you to go back and read the comments left on the previous post. It's sobering to realize that every Cuban you meet here in the U.S. has a story. An amazing, heartbreaking, life-affirming story. Thank you all for sharing. I truly love you for that.

When I went to find my little 90 Miles Marker Souvenir, I saw that I had not one, but two (!) to give away.

So I went to Random.org and entered the number of entries (except for the doubles) and came up with these two.

Congratulations to the following readers:

Screen Shot 2012-08-30 at 9.18.57 PM

Screen Shot 2012-08-30 at 9.20.22 PM


So, Allyson and Yovani,

Please send me an email with HEY, MARTA! I WON STUFF ON YOUR BLOG! in the subject line (so that I don't accidentally delete it). Please include your home address and I will send out your little 90 Miles to Cuba souvenir.

90 Miles. So near and yet so foreign.

Thank you all again for playing. You always make me smile.