9 Things. Happy Father's Day.

When it comes to holidays, particularly what I call "Hallmark Holidays," (those are the ones where you can usually get away with just giving a card, but that's not important right now) I have always encouraged my kids to take it a step higher and do something thoughtful and more heartfelt.

Particularly for Father's Day. Dad has enough ties and joke books and cute hand puzzles, thankyouverymuch. Tributes are so, so much better and much more heartfelt and they are forever.

Lucy did this for Eric for Father's Day. I wanted to share (and make sure it got documented) because I think it's that good. I particularly love the collage. (That's my man, ladies. Hands off!)

Dad face collage

Nine Things I Adore About My Dad

  • He’s an artist.
  • He’s a comedian.
  • He makes a mean strawberry smoothie.
  • He can still ride a skateboard. With style.
  • He raises one eyebrow when he’s revealing an intense thought.
  • He’s the smartest guy I know.
  • He taught me how to surf, how to make pasta and how to speak to Windows ’95.
  • He can salsa dance.
  • He loves me. And Jon. And Adam. And Amy. And my mom.

Happy Father’s Day, mister!