20 - Gato Fino

P7257089Of course I'm superstitious.  It's part of my Cuban DNA. 

I come by it honestly.  As a Cuban baby I had the mandatory black azabaché (to ward off the Evil Eye, Envy, Illness, Bad Luck and Violence) pinned to my clothing before I was even able to open my eyes to the world.

I still look at my watch and wince a little when we're at the beach and my kids want to go right back in the water after they've eaten.  The no-bathing-for-three-hours rule is so ingrained into my being that I immediately have visions of them having a patatú - a seizure-like fit. (Or it can also be a quite tasty drink made with Amaretto, Gold Rum, Curacao, orange juice and grenadine, but that's not important right now. =D)

I've told you before about Cuban math and the Charada China

Yes.  Superstitions, old wives tales, erroneous and bizarre beliefs, taboos, omens.  It's like a Cuban national pastime. ;-)

And then because Halloween is coming up I kind of started thinking that "Hey! We have a black cat and she crosses my path like a dozen times a day. . .  hmm . . . how is this affecting my life??" 

(I'm just saying. . .)

"Thanks for being a pal and taking that stupid laptop out of this ever-so-comfy hide-a-bed."
~ The Cat Bastet