5 Cuban Desserts That You Need To Master

I pretty much love all Cuban food. That's really no secret, is it?

I've raised my family to enjoy Cuban food. In fact, Ropa Vieja and Picadillo are in heavy rotation around here. In fact, my son, Adam, will always request Carne con Papas over any other food I make because it's THAT GOOD. 

The one thing I don't make every night is dessert. But when I do, it must be Cuban and it must be pretty simple. These are my 5 favorite Cuban desserts. 

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10 Cuban Superstitions That Helped You Survive

I've been writing this blog since 2006. That's 9 years of (over)sharing about my big, fat, Cuban family and our sometimes nutty life. Growing up Cuban brings with it its own set of rules and many shared experiences. We have certain products that we are compelled to use and behavior which we don't quite think is odd, because...Cuban. 

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Tempranillo Day - Chicken Cacciatore Recipe

It's Tempranillo Day! 

What does that mean to you? It means that today we are celebrating International Tempranillo Day with Rioja Wine. Why 'Tempranillo?' Because in Spanish 'temprano' means 'early,' and these red grapes ripen and are harvested earlier than other red grape varieties. Look how much you've learned already.

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You Know You're Cuban if...

My husband, Eric and I went to a party the other night with some Cuban friends. There was a live Cuban band and lots of dancing and wonderful food. There were friends I hadn't seen for a while and so there was lots of hugging and kissing and gesticulating and talking. Loudly, of course. And the music! Well, I just had to move, you know?

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Patrick means 'I love you.'

I have been hesitant about sharing this story. Yes. I know that I am all over social media, and that I tend to (over)share pretty much every detail of my life, but this particular thing is quite intimate. 

But this is my personal online journal, so you're in for it now. 

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Cuban Tostones and Picadillo...with Milk?

What goes great with milk?

I posed this question to my Facebook followers the other day and the responses I received went something like this:

  • Cornbread crumbled in milk.
  • Mermelada de Guayaba con leche.
  • Cuban bread with butter.
  • Harina de maiz y azucar!
  • Oreo cookies.
  • Mother's Taffy Cookies.
  • Croissant. 
  • Café!
  • Café La Llave con leche!
  • Café y pan Cubano!
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What's Important Right Now - October

I often get distracted as I'm in the middle of telling a story and my go to disclaimer is, "but that's not important right now." 

But my life is in session and there are lots of things that are important. So I keep a list of 'present participles' or Things That Are Important Right Now. 

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Pirates, and Doughnuts, and Pudding. Oh, My!

A few short weeks ago, my son Jonathan - who also happens to be the last man-child I have left at home - woke me up with, "Mom! We are getting doughnuts today!" 

I should probably explain at this point that this is not an unusual occurrence around here. He often wakes me up with proclamations of what we will be doing that day.

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Cuban Food Poster Winners

I always enjoy reading your responses when I have a giveaway. Particularly when you share about your favorite Cuban food and who prepares it best. I love the rich tradition this implies. We are most definitely blessed when it comes to our culture, aren't we?

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Let's Celebrate! Cuban Food Poster Giveaway

You're all invited to my Online Blog Birthday Party. It's happening right here, right now. Well, technically it's not a party party.

As in, I won't be having you all come over to my house and I won't be cooking or decorating or any of that. Which is making you think this won't be much of a party after all. I know. I feel your pain, but bear with me.

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